Clark Feusier

Software Engineer and Metalogician

General Cluster - a utility for running an Express application on a Node.js cluster

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GeneralCluster allows users to easily create Node child processes that all share server ports for a single Express application.

PersistenceJS - specialized persistent collections in javascript

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PersistenceJS provides specialized, immutable, persistent data structures built on-top of ImmutableJS. PersistenceJS offers highly efficient immutable linked-lists, heaps, search trees, and more.

jKif Parser - an open-source SUO-KIF to JavaScript parser and toolset for working with formalized knowledge

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The jKif Parser provides a complete SUO-KIF to JavaScript parser and a JavaScript API for querying and manipulating SUO-KIF.

iswear - an open-source utility library for working with Promises

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iswear is an open-source utility library for working with Promises (the Promises/A+ specification). This library allows a developer to write asynchronous code as though it was synchronous (in appearance). For example, when working with Node, instead of having to pass around callbacks in an unorganized fashion, a developer could use iswear's .then and .catch to handle the result of invoking the asynchronous methods of Node. I built iswear while at Hack Reactor. The open-source NPM package has been downloaded hundreds of times.

Jotz - the definitive, free, and open-source notebook for coders

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I am a core contributor on the Jotz team — responsible for the architecture and construction of the backend for our cross-platform desktop application using Atom Shell. I led development of all internal and external APIs for the system including services for OAuth and Gist publication. I helped integrate the front-end application layer of the desktop app using a novel combination of Backbone, React, and Flux architecture.

Procodo - an app to connect volunteer developers with nonprofits looking for engineering help

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Procodo is a user-friendly platform where non-profits can post projects and developers can volunteer their experience working on those projects. Procodo makes the search, setup, and management of developer-non-profit projects efficient and simple. This project was built on the MEAN stack — MongoDB, Node, Express, and Angular.