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Monastery on a Cliff

Minimal palette watercolor painting of a monastery embedded in the side of a cliff.

Christmas Coupons

Christmas watercolor coupons for scavenger hunts, camping, shopping sprees, movie nights, and more.

Banksy’s Champagne Mouse

Playful watercolor take on a piece by Banksy.

Early Sketches and Drawings

Graphite sketches and ink drawings from early in the learning process.

Early Watercolor Paintings

Rudimentary watercolor paintings from the beginning of my artistic journey.

Modified Bee Smoker

Standard bee smoker with a second opening for easily igniting the kindling.

Early Human Wall Painting

Cave-painting-inspired landscape on a 4×8″ beam using only the ash from cigarette butts.

Barn Door

This hanging, sliding, ‘barn door’ is made with primed MDF boards, framed in poplar.

Floating Side Tables

Floating side-tables from Cherry and Poplar.

Bathroom Vanity

Master bathroom vanity in Canarywood — a South American hardwood.

Carved Kitchen Utensils

Various kitchen utensils hand-carved from offcuts of maple, cherry, and canarywood.

Power Tool Work Bench

Work bench optimized for power tool usage with automated dust collection.

Asymmetrical Spatula

Hand-carved maple spatula with a funky asymmetric design.

Lumber Cart

This mobile cart stores lumber, offcuts, and clamps in a space-efficient manner.


WorkSpan is a one-of-a-kind ecosystem cloud for partnerships and alliances. Series C startup headquartered in Foster City, CA.

Planter Boxes

Cedar planter-boxes of assorted size and shape.

Wolfram|Alpha via JS

The wajs library exposes the Wolfram|Alpha web-service API via a small JavaScript package. To date, over 5,000 people downloaded this bundle.


Programmatically text message someone on a given interval.

General Cluster

General Cluster is a utility for running an Express application on a Node.js cluster.


iswear is an open-source utility library for working with Promises.


PersistenceJS offers specialized persistent collections in JavaScript.

jKif Parser

jKif Parser is an open-source SUO-KIF to JavaScript parser and toolset for working with formalized knowledge.