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Real-World Limitations of DynamoDB

Real-World Limitations of DynamoDB 150 150 Clark

There are countless articles on DynamoDB qua NoSQL, a distributed DB, a high-level comparison to other technologies, and a serverless DB. This is not one of those posts.

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Post-Mortem: 3 Years Without Dad

Post-Mortem: 3 Years Without Dad 150 150 Clark

You will find no coherent message here. Three years ago, today, my father’s life ended. Encouraged by my therapist and the anniversary, I write this retrospective — a post-mortem of the experience of my dad’s death and life after loss of a parent. We start at the end. Obituary Roger A. Feusier…

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Helper Function .bindAll

Helper Function .bindAll 150 150 Clark

Like most JavaScripters, I often find myself needing to manually control the this-binding of a function on invocation. Event handlers and callback functions are often re-bound to a different context than the caller — meaning that if those event handlers or callbacks reference this, they might be referencing the wrong object.

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The Usual Utility Functions in 2kb, Unminified

The Usual Utility Functions in 2kb, Unminified 150 150 Clark

I have now been able to remove Underscore.js, Ramda, and Lodash from the dependencies of multiple projects, by using the following underramdash.js helpers. Note, this file is 2kb unminified and unzipped, whereas Underscore.js is 52kb unminified and unzipped…

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Printing from Streams with sed -n '/pattern/'p

Printing from Streams with sed -n '/pattern/'p 150 150 Clark

I like to think of the Unix command-line utilities as though they were interesting characters — it helps me remember the different command switches based on each command’s personality. sed is my simple and obedient search hound. He has a single input — his hound-dog nose. He can match patterns…

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CoffeeScript Polyfill for Function.prototype.bind

CoffeeScript Polyfill for Function.prototype.bind 150 150 Clark

Recently, I needed to polyfill Function.prototype.bind to use with PhantomJS. The project I was working on was written in CoffeeScript, so I rewrote the MDN Function.prototype.bind JavaScript polyfill in CoffeeScript. To use the polyfill, just add the above snippet wherever needed.

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An Introduction to Injection, XSS, CSRF, and Practicing Safe Security

An Introduction to Injection, XSS, CSRF, and Practicing Safe Security 150 150 Clark

Every user of your web app is trying to break it In this post, we will discuss practical web security. We will start by covering the who — who you need to protect against. Next, we will cover the what — what common exploits you need to know about and…

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The Language of Knowledge Meets the Language of the Web

The Language of Knowledge Meets the Language of the Web 150 150 Clark

I am pleased to announce today’s release of the jKif Parser. SUO-KIF meet JavaScript — JavaScript meet SUO-KIF The jKif Parser facilitates the transmission and growth of formal knowledge by providing JavaScript access to the vast stores of open SUO-KIF ontologies and factbases. Available for Installation from NPM Read the…

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Getting Started with webpack

Getting Started with webpack 150 150 Clark

I work with a guy named, Raghu Kasturi. This talented buddy of mine shared a tutorial with us — getting started with webpack. We will learn about webpack, why we might use webpack, and finally, how to actually use it to enhance our work. The following knowledge-bombs and practical tutorial…

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Reverse-I Search Example

Reverse-i-Search with CTRL-R

Reverse-i-Search with CTRL-R 512 51 Clark

If you want to look cool, save time, and live a better life, then spend 5 minutes learning the shell command CTRL-R — sometimes called reverse-i-search. There is rare shell command that I use more often as a software engineer; I would like to pass my love for this wonderful…

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