Auto suggestion from Google with Authorship rich snippet

Google Authorship Shows Rich Snippet in Auto Suggestion Searches

Is this old news? I am only seeing this for the first time TODAY. Looks like Google is still committed to rewarding people who are on G+ with favor in the organic search space. I bet the CTR is pretty drastically different — I didn’t even notice the other non-rich suggestions. Please let me know if you have seen this rolled out yet!  

Lean Dating: Online Dating and Emotional Investment Cycles

Lean manufacturing and lean business principles focus on validating hypothesis while limiting investment risks. They also focus on small batches and fast iteration cycles. Enter, online dating. We are now able to, with little effort, validate hypotheses about what we like and value in other people. We are able to do this quickly, repeatedly, and with very little upfront emotional investment. Lean Dating… We can avoid getting “hurt” (losing money Read More...

Estimating Market Size

One of the first steps when starting a company or developing a new product is to estimate the size of the market that will be entered. This practice tells you if there is an audience to be aggregated before spending money trying to aggregate. The first part of this post will explain the process of estimating market size. The second part of the post will go through an example to Read More...

Custom Reports + Analysis Tips = $

I love custom reports. I love analysis vignettes that provide action items. I combined them. Here you go. *Bonus points for segmenting any of these reports 1. The SEO Easy Opportunities Custom Report — Referring Pages Report Meta Tip:  Find natural high-value link and affiliate relationships (in 3 different categories – referrers that drive new prospects, revenue, and engagement) A. Easy Tip: Find referring pages that drive new visits — prospects >> Read More...

I am FIRED UP about aletheia, natural language processing, the argument interchange format+, and the semantic web 3.0 :)

“Who Said I Can’t Lie?”

demanded God. “The whole ‘Jesus’ thing was a test — of two things: intelligence and faith. Now I know who was stupid and who was faithless.”  

Broken Record

World: So, what do you do for a living?

Me: Everything

Product Manager? or Product Bitch?

What Now?

It’s still a story without an ending.

So, what about now?

The Problem with Labels

“The Government should do this or that, blah, blah…” as though “the government” is a unified structure and not 100,000 feuding kingdoms fighting at cross purposes for power and resources. Or as though “THE government” is a unified shared concept by all in society. Ha!  

Is it not strange that sheep's guts should hail souls out of mens' bodies?
Powerful Things

Independence Day Eve

In honor of Independence Day Eve, I am watching Will Smith alien-domination and the Patriot–because the Fourth of July is about killing aliens and Mel Gibson.

The Meaning of Life

What would an answer to that question even look like? I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to tell a good answer from a bad answer. I don’t think it would change how I live much anyways.

Friday Mix: Victory Lap

Great for driving home from work to start your weekend.