Clark Feusier

Software Engineer and Metalogician

12 December 2014

Object-Oriented JavaScript - Functional-Shared Class Pattern

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11 December 2014

Object-Oriented JavaScript - Functional Class Pattern

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08 November 2014

Writing a Rake Task to Generate New Posts for My Jekyll-Powered Blog

    rake gen:post TITLE="[INSERT TITLE]" [D] [FN] [TAGS]
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01 October 2014

My Perspective at the End of DBC

Stress and anxiety are recursive — stress calls itself repeatedly, passing in it’s current level of stress as an argument ... never reaching a base-case, thus spiraling away into infinite stress and anxiety, until your brain shuts down from over-consumed memory ... Stack level too deep, yo ... can - not - com - pute ...
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25 September 2014

Excuse me, How Do I Ask a Good Question?

A question without sufficient context is a dangerous question to answer ...
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20 September 2014

The Active Record Pattern + ORM + Rails' ActiveRecord

This post is meant as a ‘high-level’ survey of the Active Record Pattern, Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), and the Ruby on Rails’ implementation of the Active Record Pattern — the ActiveRecord gem. There are many concepts and technologies involved in working with databases, so I only mean to give you a comfort with how the parts work together to make data-backed applications — not a deep-dive on the individual technologies and concepts.

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15 September 2014

Conflict, Shame, and Humble Pie

Supposedly, when humans conflict they often respond with shame — a protective affect that allows human groups to stay cohesive while correcting behavior that is averse to the group's well-being ...
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10 September 2014

You NoSQL?

In the world of databases and database management systems, the big dog is SQL and all of the systems built on top of SQL. However, in the past few years, a newcomer has started rapidly grabbing market share in the database game (the game be real, yo). This upstart is called NoSQL. The reason you should care about this is that SQL and NoSQL aren’t just different ‘products’ — they are different in kind.

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05 September 2014

When am I Happyproudisfied?

I have felt the happiest, proudest, and most satisfied in life when I experience situations involving the pursuit of knowledge, pleasure, status, and close relationships.

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01 September 2014

Another Explanation of Composition and Inheritance ... ugh

There are a lot of articles on the web covering the differences between inheritance and composition in software design – when to use one or the other, how inheritance is the devil, blah blah bliggityblah. I am writing this piece to solidify my own understanding on the topic, so I might take some liberties with my presentation. Also, all examples will be using Ruby, though most of the concepts are programming-language-agnostic. Allons-y!

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