Clark Feusier

Software Engineer and Metalogician


  • I am a Software Engineer located in California
  • B.A. from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo — studies in philosophy and physics
  • M.A. from the University of Chicago — research in metalogic and philosophy of science

Software Engineering

  • Software engineering satiates my desire to solve large problems with magic — symbols, semantic reference, circuitry, and a dash of electricity. I am rarely more satisfied than when building software.

  • I tend to view most technologies as disposable, so I focus on the general and invariant principles behind the technologies. That being said, my current interests center around the following:

    'Languages': JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Unix Shell, SQL, KIF, HOL

    Frameworks and Libraries: Node, Express, Sinatra, Rails, jQuery, React, Backbone, Angular, Ember, Meteor, Sail, Locomotive

    Database Tech: MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Neo4j, Cassandra, MySQL

    Methodologies: All things lean, agile, and funky-fresh

    Trends: Cognition as a Service (CaaS), Xiki shell, formal semantic ontology integration into big data work, open knowledge bases, and robots and shit

    Currently Exploring: Go, Scala, Clojure, Python, Java, Swift, C, Cython, Erlang, Lisp

  • My open-source-interests include web application frameworks, dev tools, machine learning libraries, natural language processing libraries, knowledge representation frameworks, and anything cool.

    I am interested in building products that are novel, helpful to a large portion of society, fun to use, and contain interesting technical problems to solve.

Metalogic and Philosophy

It's no surprise that I enjoy building software, given my fascination with artificial symbolic languages. In my studies, this fascination manifested itself as a passion for complex systems, particularly those constructed in symbolic logic. My thought always seems to revolve around topics in and in-between metalogic, science, philosophy, and software engineering.

  • My metalogical pursuits focus on the construction of 'non-classical' logical systems, particularly deontic, temporal, and modal logics — I would like to be able to formally specify normative discourse so that computers can capture the large amount of normative talk on the web and infer over it.

    I also like to get my hands dirty with knowledge representation formats, particularly those based on formal predicate logic. I see the ability to construct bullet-proof semantic ontologies and apply them to our current data as foundational in creating large-scale machine learning and consistent inference. I am particularly enthralled by trying to specify large bodies of law, medical theory and record-data, and public knowledge.

  • My thinking styles are heavily influenced by the sciences and philosophies of science. I think this is related to my fascination with complex systems that display emergent properties. I see the world through a filter of relativistic and quantum mechanical physics, neo-evolutionary biological theory, neurophysiological thought, and different perspectives from computer science.

  • My 'classic' philosophical desires always come back to the dead German dudes — Kant, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein. This is probably also where I get my flare for melodrama and eclectic thought.

  • Finally, my philosophical wheelhouse is the pursuit of clarity around normativity, language, mind, science, and logic.

    All of the above don't interest me in the slightest, relative to the ties between all of the above disciplines — particularly as they fit into and drive the future of software development.

Life sans Software and Philosophy

  • I am 26 years old, male, very cool, and very uncool. I am also paradoxical.

  • My dog Fiddle, piano, wine, beer, coffee, tea, whiskey, bay area sports, music, nice people, smart people, pretty people, cool people, and hiking.

Past Life

Caution: Braggy

  • I took countless products from ideation to scale while leading interactive product development across all client properties at Creative Trust. Complex businesses with complex user-bases — businesses demanding large, inexpensive, and extensible platform solutions.

  • I directed analytics for a web product receiving more than 100 million unique visitors a year. Talk about fun data, testing, and experimentation problems!

  • I led all inbound marketing for a website receiving more than 5 million visitors a month from organic search engine traffic alone.

  • Finally, I studied with Nobel Prize laureates and constructed grand and fanciful theories in metalogic, semantic ontology, philosophy of science, linguistics, and metanormative theory.