Printing from Streams with sed -n '/pattern/'p

Printing from Streams with sed -n '/pattern/'p 150 150 Clark

I like to think of the Unix command-line utilities as though they were interesting characters — it helps me remember the different command switches based on each command’s personality. sed is my simple and obedient search hound. He has a single input — his hound-dog nose. He can match patterns…

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Reverse-I Search Example

Reverse-i-Search with CTRL-R

Reverse-i-Search with CTRL-R 512 51 Clark

If you want to look cool, save time, and live a better life, then spend 5 minutes learning the shell command CTRL-R — sometimes called reverse-i-search. There is rare shell command that I use more often as a software engineer; I would like to pass my love for this wonderful…

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