Clark Feusier

Software Engineer and Metalogician

Old Projects


Demo | Source

Lernhow provides 5-step guides to knowledge. Don't search sprawling wikis for information on how to do something — come Lernhow.

Lernhow is a project I completed in a week sprint while I was studying at Hack Reactor. From ideation to launch, Lernhow was created by myself, Raghuvir Kasturi, and Eric Kennedy. Lernhow was built with the follow technologies: MongoDB, Mongoose ORM, Node.js, Express, Backbone, Underscore, jQuery, SASS, Bourbon, Neat, Gulp, Heroku, Bluebird, Bcrypt, Mocha, Chai, and more.

Learning Objectives

  • Advanced routing on both the client and server-side
  • Internal and external API creation
  • Custom CSS framework built with modular SASS mixins
  • Secure user authentication with JSON Web Tokens
  • Utility library for efficiently attaching templates to their respective Backbone View prototypes
  • Rigorous workflow standards
  • Clear documentation and turn-key setup for contributors


Demo | Source

Linguist allows people all around the world to talk to each other in different languages by automatically translating messages for them. Our app speaks for them, in a language they don't.

Linguist was completed in a four-day sprint while I was a studying at Hack Reactor. This project was given to myself, Omar Alvarez, and Eric Kennedy, as a legacy project — we extended a large codebase into a whole new product. Linguist was built with the follow technologies: Microsoft Translator API, GitHub API, MongoDB, Mongoose ORM, Node.js, Express,, Backbone, Underscore, jQuery, Karma, Gulp, Bash, Windows Azure, and more.

Learning Objectives

  • Background workers, task runners, and shell scripting
  • Web-socket communication between server and clients
  • Consumption and integration of multiple external APIs
  • Construction of public emoji-fetcher API
  • Translation, internationalization, and multi-lingual compatibility


Demo | Source

This is a project I completed in a two-day sprint while I was studying at Hack Reactor. ChitChat was built on top of Node, Express, and MongoDB, with minimal knowledge of those technologies before starting. I built the client for this project with a fellow engineer (Eric Kennedy), and I built the server by myself.

Learning Objectives

  • Node framework basics
  • Node integration with Express
  • Node and Express integration with MongoDB
  • Server-agnostic client architecture (switch out old server with new Node server)
  • CORS-capable server
  • Clean, modular code



This is a project I completed during a two-day sprint while studying at Hack Reactor. Shortenz was built using Node, Express, SQLite, Backbone, Handlebars, EJS, Passport, Bcrypt, OAuth2, Github API, Bookshelf, Knex, jQuery, and Underscore. The objective of this project was to architect and construct a secure authentication system on top of Node and Express. The link-shortening and user-experience aspects of the project were secondary to the authentication system.

Learning Objectives

  • Secure authentication
  • OAuth2 best practices
  • Reusable and modular code
  • Integration of Passport, Bookshelf, Knex, and Bcrypt
  • Middleware optimization
  • Session management